Flat Earth
The best source for this subject is the Word of God.  The first section lists sub-topics associated with the subject of a Flat Earth, each of which lists Scripture relevant to that sub-topic.  In the next section are a list of random videos explaining various concepts of a Flat Earth.
Statements and ideas set forth in the videos do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this website.  Agreement in the overall message and principle of what is being expressed is not a 100% endorsement.  For the sake of time and content, some videos on this website only contain segments of the originals.  Every effort is made to give credit to the original producers of the videos.  Please send me links to the videos if you know who originally published them.
Truth From the Bible . . .
The Firmament
The Luminaries
Stretcheth Out Heavens
Circle Of The Earth
That Shall Not Be Moved
Foundation Of The Earth
Ends Of The Earth / Four Corners
Videos From the Net . . .
Flat Earth For Beginners
Below The Equator
InterContinental Flight Paths
Flat Earth Athiest
Flat Earth 200 Proofs
Hennessy Comercial
Auguste Picard